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Another Round (2020)


Thomas Vinterberg



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On a birthday, 4 teachers come together and embark on an experiment based on the theory that there is a congenital deficiency of alcohol in the blood and that this deficiency can be compensated by controlled consumption of alcohol throughout the day and that human beings will reach their potential.

Another Round is a 2020 Danish drama film directed by Thomas Vinterberg and starring Mads Mikkelsen. The film is about four middle-aged teachers who decide to introduce alcohol into their daily lives in order to revitalize their lives and break the monotony.

Another Round is a character study that delves deep into the social and psychological effects of alcohol consumption. Mads Mikkelsen‘s brilliant performance is one of the elements that make the movie gripping and impressive. The characters’ relationship with alcohol is full of funny moments, but also deepened by the complexities of life and inner questioning.

The movie makes the viewer think as it asks the question whether alcohol can be a solution to cope with life’s difficulties. Vinterberg‘s direction skillfully handles the emotional moments, drawing the audience into the inner world of the characters.

Cinematographically, Another Round is notable for its simple and effective shots. The cold atmosphere of Denmark is used to reflect the inner conflicts that continue throughout the movie. In addition, the choice of music reinforces the atmosphere of the movie and increases the emotional intensity.

Another Round is a powerful drama that questions the impact of alcohol on personal and social dynamics. It manages to impress the audience with its funny moments and deeply thought-provoking scenes. Mikkelsen‘s performance and the themes of the movie lead the audience to reflect on their own lives and relationships.

Another Round © Zentropa Entertainments
Another Round © Zentropa Entertainments

Why Should You Watch It?

  • Because it manages to explain existential anxiety through alcohol.
  • For successfully depicting the battle with one’s ego.
  • For the pleasure of watching Mads Mikkelsen as a teacher for the second time with the same director.
  • For his success in portraying spouses and children trapped in marriages that have become routine.
  • To rewind and watch Mads Mikkelsen‘s spectacular dance performance to the song What a Life, which almost marks the movie.
  • Not to miss the stunning final scene.

Little Known Facts About Another Round

  • The character played by Mad Mikkelsen in the movie was actually supposed to have a daughter and a son instead of two sons, and the daughter was supposed to be played by Ida Maria Vinterberg, the director’s daughter. Unfortunately, Ida died in a car accident in Belgium four days before the filming of the movie. The movie was thus dedicated to her.
  • Thomas Vinterberg and the four leads of the movie often met and went out for drinks after filming.

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